Join the Photo Review online Here.

Upload a before and after photo of an image you have edited in a plugin. We want to see amazing things from you.

1. Rename your images with YOUR name in the filename: example -> FIRST_LAST_001.jpg
2. Click the link below, and fill out the form with that same name.
3. Upload your images.
4. Watch creativeLIVE.
5. The best images will receive awesome gifts from our sponsors!
6. Check your email for a FREE Preset Pack from me. (Give us 72 Hours).

Seriously, give us 72 hours before we send you the Preset Pack. We are focusing on teaching the workshop now... we will send you your preset pack via email within 72 hours. Thanks for your patience. Make sure you are signing up with an email you check.

(note, if you don't fill out the form accurately, you can't win! We will have no way to contact you. And you won't get all the cool stuff we will send you in the future either...)


If you don't care to enter the photo contest, and would rather just get my free presets, simply click the link above and fill in the form. I'll send you the presets anyway. That's how I roll!

Free presets from jared platt

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